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Making the world’s decentralised data more accessible

Why We’re Here

Blockchain teams need to process and query data quickly.

In order to build increasingly complex and intuitive applications, developers need powerful tools to process and query their data faster.

Developers don’t need to build their own indexing solution

Our Solution

SubQuery powers the next generation of Polkadot dApps

Our Platform

  • SubQuery SDK

    Open source SDK that allows you to create and run your own SubQuery project.

    You have the power to build your own GraphQL API for your dApp and even run it yourself.

  • SubQuery Projects

    You can deploy your project to our high performance nodes.

    We’ll run and manage production infrastructure for your SubQuery Project - for free!

  • SubQuery Explorer

    You can try out different SubQuery Projects online on the Explorer, made by our community and hosted by us.

    Be inspired with what others are building, you might have the next big idea to give back!

  • SubQuery NetworkComing soon

    The decentralisation and tokenisation of our network is the next big leap for SubQuery.

    The SubQuery Network tokenises our service and provides transparency for all participating parties.

Our Partners

We power some of the biggest Polkadot/Substrate projects already -join them!

Our Supporters

About Us

Built by the experts at OnFinality, a leading blockchain infrastructure platform.

We make it easy for blockchain teams and users to launch nodes and get access to a large range of blockchain protocols. We have expertise in managed infrastructure hosting for the Substrate/Polkadot network, and the ability to deliver complex infrastructure projects and host them for production use.

Join The Future

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